pencil design

Give us a topic and we will design a workshop for you, and even train your trainers to deliver. We have vast experience of design and creating interactive, accelerated learning materials, for classroom and web, including a variety of media. We can design the full end to end programme for you, ranging from Lesson Plan, Trainer Notes, and Delegate Materials.

Our OutoftheBox modules are ready-made, on key topics that you can buy and use time and time again. Need a session on assertiveness we have it, looking for some new content on customer service, that is covered too. Whether you are looking for a full workshop or some new ideas, we have content to help you.

Looking for more robust solutions, then why not allow us to design materials for you. Once designed we can simply hand over the materials to you, or we can run an extensive train the trainer, to get your team up to speed.

More details on the options available can be found below.