As specialists in training and coaching, our Clients, recognise that we can upskill their training teams to deliver impactful, challenging and results focused sessions. We take so much pride that we are seen by our 'peers' as experts in developing trainers and coaches.

Whether delivering a workshop to enable internal teams to deliver evalu8d materials, internal courses, or simply as a way to 'stretch' training teams, we are best placed to help.

Raising credibility and profile

We have developed a series of trainer modules that we deliver across our clients

This is not a 'traditional' train the trainer course, it is about challenging them how to run workshops, that are different, contain the latest techniques and in a way that enhances their credibility across the business.

Using our Systematic Approach to training, we cover the following topics, adapting this according to the experience of the team; whether they be brand new trainers, or seasoned pro's.

  • Diagnose the need learn how to complete a needs analysis and understand behaviour and how people learn
  • Define the business case learn how to write a business case for a training solution
  • Develop the project plan learn how create a project plan for a training roll out
  • Design the solution learn how create interactive training programmes
  • Design the materials learn how create accelerated learning materials
  • Deliver the solution learn how deliver interactive training sessions
  • Delegate climate learn how engage delegates and control 'difficult' delegates
  • Demonstrate results develop ways to show return on investment and how to evaluate training programmes

Our 'Train the Trainer' programme is also available as a Public Workshop.

evalu8d materials

We work very closely with Learning and Development teams. Our role as we see it is an 'extension' of the L&D team. We are an additional resource, a true partner, in every sense. Therefore as well as deliver workshops, we also take time to upskill the internal training team on evalu8d materials, 'licensing' them to deliver our workshops, where needed.

This means we leaves your organisation with a team of trainers, enriched from working with us, not drained and isolated

Role models

We do not take these two words lightly. It is indeed a and honour and privilege that we are trusted by our clients to develop and upskill their teams. We help your raise profile of the team and enhance each of the trainer's confidence, ability and credibility. We were on hand to develop an initial train the trainer, then coach and mentor each to ensure transfer of learning and development.