Working closely with you, your evalu8d coach will support you to deliver business goals. But that is not all, we can support you in gaining control over all aspects of what you do, in work and outside. Perhaps you need support to gain a promotion or deliver a demanding presentation.  Maybe you are a trainer looking fo an expert coach or even a manager looking to drive your teams performance.

We can tailor the approach to your exacting needs.

Executive coaching for business

We can build an Executive Coaching programme tailored to your specific company needs, perhaps for your 'Top Team', an upcoming leader or a rising star.

We also have experience of coaching in advance of sales presentations, conferences, coaching trainers and supporting managers increase the performance of ther team.

Personal coaching programme

As an individual you can choose from one of our Personal Coaching Programme options. Here we work remotely or Face to Face to support you. We can coach and mentor you on a range of topics, and it all starts with the Intial Diagnosis.

Choose from one of our executive coaching packages:

Executive Coaching and Personal Coaching features

  • Initial diagnosis session to discuss your requirements
  • Defining objectives for your coaching programme
  • Agree a Business Coaching Action Plan
  • Receive coaching either F2F (face to face), video link or telephone¹.
  • Regular progress review
  • Coachee presents achievements¹

¹Depending on option chosen, either F2F, video link or phone.