Here are 5 challenges we set you for making this a memorable year.

1. Create a results focused action plan

Spend 30 minutes working out what areas will lead to your professional and business success this year. Spending 30 minutes now, can help you have an amazing year. Use this time to create an action plan, with milestones to achieve this. Make sure this is for life outside work too! And stick to it!

I don't mean New Years' resolution here. Here are 4 questions to prompt this:

  1. What things to you want to be saying this time next year?
  2. What do you want to have achieved?
  3. When people look at you what will they see?
  4. What will people say about the part you played this year?

2. Work/life balance

No one ever said "I wish I spent more time at the office" as they sit there in retirement! Plan those important events into your calendar NOW! Book the time off in you diary TODAY for:

  • birthdays
  • school events
  • term time
  • sports occasions
  • anniversaries
  • special events
  • holidays
  • public holidays
Make sure you spend even more time, with more of your friends and family, this year. It's probably more a matter of time and organisation, than desire! Get ahead now, put those dates into your diary!

3. Healthy mind!

You'll likely be planning physical activities be it a brisk walk, 'run the gauntlet mud challenge' or regular visits to the gym. These are all good, but do not forget to exercise your mind.

Take time to keep your brain active. Read a book, do a puzzle, review an industry article. Actively try to learn something new. Learn a language, new skill, or cook a new dish.

Set time aside to relax your mind too, find a quiet spot to switch off your brain, in particular from work. Whatever that can be for you, for example, absorb yourself in a book totally unrelated to work; listen to calming music; close your eyes, imagine you are in that special place; meditate.

4. Grow and develop

Do not put off training and coaching. Plan it in now, identify the support you need and make sure it is in you diary well in advance. As before you know it you will too busy again. Identify a coach this year, that will enable you to grow and develop, making this the most successful year to date.

5. Work for free next year!

Well not exactly for free, but make sure that you are not a cost this year. With all of the current financial pressures, work out how to contribute more than you cost (salary) your organisation. If you bring in and save more than your salary cost, you are a much stronger asset to any organisation. Here are some questions for you to do this.

a) What can you do to increase sales?

b) How can reduce costs across your team?

For further ideas read our How to add to the bottom line of your business

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