Here are some examples of how to build your self confidence and take control.

Scenario Confidence Builder
Speaking up at a meeting

Don't sit in silence at a meeting. Aim to say at least one thing!

Start with compliments, for example, if a colleague shared a good idea tell them.

'I think that is a good idea Liz'

'Hey I hadn't thought of that'

Sharing views at a meeting

Instead of coming up with ideas yourself, add to a colleagues ideas.


John - 'I think we should send a copy of the latest brochure to ABC Limited'

You - 'What a good idea, we could send a sample too!'

Nervous about a meeting

Call the person to ask a question relevant to the meeting (or not!). Here you may be able to sound them out about what they are expecting.

For example - If they have set an agenda you could ask about this.

Giving a presentation

The biggest tips are to be prepared, know what your audience wants and be confident on what you are saying.

Making a difficult phone call

Plan in advance what you wish to say. Have range of questions handy will help to.

Taking action

Summarise what you have agreed to do at the during and at the end of a meeting (of any type). Replay back as follows:

'So let me recap, what I am going to do is...., I'll then....., and finally I will.....'

Do you know a friend or colleague who could benefit from these tips? If so please share with them!

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