You will have greater clarity and confidence in the role you play in an organisation if you fully understand your role. Here are a some key activities to help you, so that you are continue to be a valuable asset.

By following these tips you will move further towards the higher performer category.

1. Fully understand your responsibilities

Confidence can be low when we feel out of our depth on a task or role. Take time to get to know your role and understand the expectations from your manager and colleagues.

2. Read your job description (or job profile)

Know it inside out to understand how you can deliver all activities to the required standard. If you don't have a job profile write one or discuss with your manager what the priorities are. Dig out your job profile today and review it, don't leave it till a few weeks before your performance review!!

3. Don't be afraid to

....ask 'what is expected of me?' or to ask 'how am I doing? or even to share successes with your boss and colleagues!

4. Have total clarity on your objectives

Understand how you can affect them, what is needed to meet them. Talk through with your manager on a regular basis your progress on objectives. (NB: it never ceases to amaze me how many people are unclear on this!!)

5. Understand the performance management process

If your organisation has a performance management process make sure you are personally using it. Don't wait for a manager to do it for you! You should be gathering examples against competencies and objectives, completing documentation along the way. For many this is a way you could get increase in salary or a bonus. So what is stopping you?

All to often no evidence of performance = no evidence for your manager to fight your corner!.

If you need help with this download our Performance Management Guide

Follow these tips to ensure you are ahead of the game.

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