So many of us are currently involved in performance reviews at the moment. Here are five top tips for running a coaching session:

This applies to 2 key types of coaching - development coaching and performance coaching.

1. Ensure the Coachee is the one doing the most talking.

All too often the Coach talks too much. Make sure there is at least a 50:50 ratio between Coach and Coachee.

2. Structure your session

Ensure the Coach and Coachee have clarity as to what the session is about. ‘The objective of this session is.....’ Having a pre agreed objective will assist the structure.

3. Make notes (or more to the point ensure the Coachee makes notes)

The session will most likely to be about the Coachee, ensure they capture notes about the key actions they will take beyond the session.

4. Summarise the actions

Throughout the session and importantly at the end, the Coachee should summarise the action they will take. If the Coach has actions they should summarise theirs too. However we don’t recommend the Coach takes on lots of Actions!

5. Follow up the session

Ensure there is a review process in place, formal or informal, following the session. Where the Coachee updates on the progress against actions.

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