Here's 20 easy ways that you can reduce costs in your business starting today. No lay offs! No senior management sign off required! Direct things that everyone in the organisation can do to add value and enhance business viability

How many are you doing?

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Go direct

Is it cheaper direct, than Aggregators

Stock Take

Ordering or holding too much?

Use Staff

Use your own staff, not contractors.


Are 'temps' cheaper than skilled staff?

Double Side

Save paper, save the planet, save money!

Stop printing

Stop printing, or only print what you need.

Stop buying

Or at least review, do we really need this?

Reduce post

Use email instead of traditional post?

Limit Travel

Use technology Folks, use technology!

Train staff

Un-trained people cost businesses money!

Turn off lights

Leave a room, flick that switch!

Power Down

Power down, don't leave on standby


Reduce, reuse, recycle, before buying new.

Return Mail

Any junk mail and catalogues, cost to recycle

Best Price

Don't be shy now, ask for discounts.

Buy in bulk

Are colleagues buying the same items too?

Process Change

Can you find a better, efficient way?

Drive better

Slower speeds, save fuel,
be safe.

Shop around

Shop around, are aggregators cheaper?

Reduce Waste

Waste costs, challenge suppliers.

Some of these may appear to contradict one another, however it's a case of trial and error.

What else do you do?

Share what's worked and what you saved in the comments, or tell us of other cost saving tips you have.

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