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Welcome to Resourcily, the resources site from evalu8d

We have released our member resources for you to use in these difficult of times.

You can access these without signing in and they free, subject to you following our usual Terms

There's no catch, just remember for your own personal development, feel free to share with others.

#stayathome #staysafe

Hello and welcome!

Thank you for taking the time to visit resourcily. He's a little bit about resourcily, me and why I created resourcily.

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Phil LaViolette
Founder and Owner

About Resourcily

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resourcily is the free training and resources portal from evalu8d. Created by Phil LaViolette, with one aim in mind to get our training and techniques out to as many people as possible.

It's packed with answers to the questions I am constantly asked as a trainer,

"Phil what would you do if......"

resourcily answers lots of those questions, and more.

I ventured out on my own setting up evalu8d in 2005. Since the conception of evalu8d, I wanted to add a resource sharing site, a portal for delegates to continue learning following workshops they attend.

In 2007 the first variation of this was added as a delegate only area.

In 2008 we opened the site to the 'public' and created free resources, and ever since we've continued to add a variety of resources.

Eight years later, in 2016, I made a big and bold decision to expand and grow the portal, and so resourcily was born!

On the 31st January 2017 we officially launched resourcily.

The hints, tips, and tutorials contained here in resourcily, have been developed over 20 years from my experience of working in companies large and small.

Some are based on well-established theories, a lot of it comes from the University of Life and the School of Hard Knocks.

For Free!

They're all practical and many I use myself with great success.

No matter what your role is in life or work, we have lots of techniques on how to deal with different people and tasks, in work and life.

Ever wondered what's the best way to give someone feedback, or how to come across as more professional. Perhaps you want to learn how to raise your profile, or maybe even ways to say no?

resourcily is filled with lots of different techniques to handle the different scenarios you may face.

And you can access our resources for FREE!

All you need to do is sign up. You can register direct with us or connect using a social media account, and that's it!

Join Today!

Our plan of attack

Firstly I want to keep resourcily as free and accessible as possible. My intention as we launch in 2017 is for our Member Resources to always be free, paid for by adverts and sponsors.

There are 3 parts to resourcily, which we will phase in across 2017

Member | Delegate | Trainer


Resources to help any individual become better in work and life.



Resources and materials to support workshops and courses you attend.



Resources for trainers, teachers and coaches to use in teaching others.


Why big and bold?

Effectively I am giving away a lot of my knowledge and training techniques for free! So it's a big risk, after-all I could have created a fully paid resources site.

The techniques I have learnt and use, work in so many circumstances, and nothing pleases me more that when someone says "I used X that I learnt on one of your courses, and it really helped!"

There are paid elements to resourcily, however my intention is to always offer lot's of free resources.

So please tell your friends and colleagues, share links to us and let's make resourcily known as THE place to get free practical training and resources.

About Phil

From the age of 13 I've been involved with coaching and training. Starting out as a Gymnastics Coach, I loved supporting others to be better at what they do. That's a key reason why I entered the world of training as a profession.

My first professional role, if you discount pocket money as a Gymnastics Coach, began 20 years ago. It's been a rollercoaster of a journey, packed with rich experiences of working with people at all levels and backgrounds.

I've trained people in lots of organisations, across a 20 year training career. Here's some examples of people I've trained and organisations I've worked, either as company trainer, freelance trainer or direct clients.1

Bank of Scotland
British Airways
DLA Piper
Elwy Lettings

Europa Group
GDFSuez Teesside
Hays Travel
Insure the Box
Kimberly Clark
Li Group Ltd

Magnet Kitchens
Nathaniel Lichfield
Norwich Union
North Yorkshire CC
px Limited
Royal Sun Alliance

Shire Pharma
Solihull Council
TXU Power
Virgin Media

Other facts about Phil

Phil is a Husband. And a dad to two boys.
He established evalu8d, in 2005.
From North East of England
He supports The Boro
Keen cyclist, and not just for the lycra!
Likes squash and running.
Ex. Gymnast!

1NB - To count on this list a person either attended an open workshop I delivered, I coached or I delivered training in the organisation. Not all of these are clients of evalu8d, but I have worked with them all. Just wanted to be clear and transparent here.