About Us
Who are evalu8d?

Phil and Emma LaViolette set up evalu8d in 2005. Our initial goals for establishing a business together were to gain a better work/life balance, doing something we felt passionate about.

Since our early years the world of L&D has changed and we've adapted.

Specialising in eLearning design, Virtual Workshops and Remote Coaching, as well as running Blended Learning Programmes

Our Purpose

- to ensure people have the right skills and tools, to make them better in work and life.

Our Vision

- to be renowned for delivering quality solutions, that adds real value.

Our Values

- to be dynamic; to be different; and to offer every client return on investment.

Our Experience

Industry Experience
Delegates Trained
Coaching Observations
National Training Award

Key Services

In House Training

In House Training

Open Workshops

Open Workshops

Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching & Mentoring

What's in a name?

We were going to call ourselves 'Tick Box Training Limited' or 'Death by PowerPoint Inc' but those names were taken, and there were already too many companies in that market! So evalu8d learning and development was born.

We wanted a name that would stand for what we wanted to achieve. Too much training is delivered without adding to the bottom line or making a contribution.

Did you know that the 8 in evalu8d is based on the Chinese symbol for infinity. As we believe learning is a continuous loop.

Our Specialisms

We love what we do and you will love it too, that's a promise.

Content Creation

Designing innovative, business improving solutions.

Diagnosing Needs

Diagnosing specific business needs and requirements.

Behaviour Change

Helping businesses gain buy-in to initiatives.

Coaching Excellence

Transforming leaders into world class coaches.

Training Trainers

Helping trainers (all levels) be at the top of their game.