We take great pride in desiging and delivering solutions that meet the exacting and challeging standards set by our clients, big and small.

Here are some examples of how we have helped our clients.

Behavioural Change - Food Environmental Research Agency (FERA) fera

Working with Interserve for Defra we developed ‘site empowerment programmes’ to enable staff to ‘engage with teams to deliver the Sustainable Action Development Plan’. We coached and trained staff to facilitate workshops across the organisation, on topics such as reducing waste, energy and water consumption. As well as supporting them to deliver workshops for senior managers, present at open forums and organise launch events. This programme won a national training award.

I have been inspired by the SEP team members and their impact on sustainability. Using coaching techniques, individual volunteers have grown impressively and developed into an empowered and motivated team. They have influenced behaviour across Fera, helping to embed sustainability into our thinking and piloting a new way to manage change.

Mike Wray - Director of Operations

Coaching Culture Change - Caravan Guard cgld

Working closely with the Call Centre Lead we developed 3 modules to help new and existing managers deliver on Customer Satifaction, Sales and Compliance targets.

We were able to support them to shift behaviours and metrics on conversion and compliancy. Included in this was imporved engagement in performance management process.

Training Trainers - Vodafone voda

Looking for more robust solutions, then why not allow us to deisgn materials for you. Once designed we can simply hand over the materials to you, or we can run an extensive train the trainer, to get your team up to speed.

More details on the options available can be found below.